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Technology Driven Dentistry

People talk about technology all the time, but never tell you why it’s important. Let’s face it, dental language can be confusing and sometimes intimidating. However, being on the cutting edge of technology is important to us. The truth is that all our technology is designed to make your experience better. From CT-Scanners that speed up your treatment, to using laser incisions to speed up healing times – all of our technology is about your experience.

When cavities are caught early, our experienced dentist can treat your toothache with a dental filling in Coventry, RI.


Advanced Technologies,
Techniques, and Instrumentation

Does Your Dentist Have This?

Our Technology

Technology designed to make your treatment easier, faster, and cheaper.

Dr. George


Sedation Dentistry

We believe your dental experience should be anxiety free, and sedation dentistry is an important part of that. Sedation dentistry refers to the use of drugs to calm and relax a patient prior to and during a dental appointment. There are multiple safe kinds of sedation dentistry that we use at George and Associates – ranging from conscious sedation (you’re awake) to IV sedation (you’re asleep).

Dr. George

24 Hr Call System

24 Hour Call System

We offer a 24 Hour Call Service. You can call anytime, and you will talk to a real person. If your doctor makes you wait or you can’t get ahold of them, you should find a new doctor. When you call George and Associates we are going to get you in that day. We believe in delivering accountable care and 24 hour service allows us to be here for you, our patient.

Dr. George

Advanced Treatmentr Planning

Advanced Treatment Planning

We believe that our treatment planning is one of the most important pieces of technology we offer. No longer do you have to wonder what your treatment is going to involve or how much it will cost. We can perform more effective treatments in less visits by effectively, efficiently, and conveniently planning your case. This saves you time, money, and frustration!

Dr. George

CT Scanner

CT Scanner

We are so happy to be able to provide a CT Scanner. We can now see an enhanced comprehensive 3-dimensional view when taking scans. This allows us to provide you, our patient, a more accurate representation of what is happening with your teeth. Creating a better experience that saves you time and money.

Dr. George



We perform many of our treatments using a soft-tissue laser instead of a traditional scalpel or knife. Our technology is here to help our patients, and using a laser improves our doctors accuracy giving patients decreased pain and a faster recovery. The laser technology is a great way for us to give you, the patient, a much better experience for all your treatments.

Dr. George

Digital Scanners

Digital Scanners

One of the treatments we are proud to offer is digital scanners. This technology allows for a more accurate putty free impression for patients needing a crown or a scan of their teeth. Using digital scanners, we can take an impression painlessly, and the same-day send the scan to the lab saving weeks of waiting that traditionally took much longer. Having this technology available for our patients leads to better dentistry and a painless experience for our patients.

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