Dr. Bashar A. Shehadeh

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Dr. Bashar A. Shehadeh

Dr. Bashar Shehadeh grew up in Coventry RI where his fascination with dentistry began at a young age. He would spend hours tinkering in his father’s dental laboratory igniting a lifelong passion for all things dentistry. After completing his dental education at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Shehadeh joined a practice back in his hometown with the Eric George and Associates Group. It is there where his skill set took off by accommodating all facets and disciplines of dentistry so patients can be treated comprehensively and appropriately. Dr. Shehadeh offers safe sedation options allowing his patients to be treated in a single setting in addition to providing emergency same day treatment, allowing convenience to everyone’s already busy day.

Dr. Shehadeh’s commitment to providing exceptional dental care is evident in every aspect of his practice. He stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry, constantly improving his skills through continuing education and professional development. His patients often remark on his gentle and caring approach, as well as his attention to detail, which he attributes to his meticulous nature honed through his love for cars.

Dr. Shehadeh then received his D.M.D. from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 2013.

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Outside of his dental practice, Dr. Shehadeh’s love for travel takes him on adventures around the world. He believes that exploring different cultures and experiencing new places fuels his creativity and keeps him inspired. He often combines his passion for cars and travel by participating in international car rallies and road trips, where he gets to indulge in his love for high-performance automobiles while connecting with fellow car enthusiasts from around the globe.

Dr. Shehadeh’s unique approach to dentistry and his passion for cars and travel have earned him a reputation as a leading dentist in his community and beyond. He is sought after by patients who appreciate his expertise, personalized care, and his ability to make dental visits an enjoyable experience.

When he’s not in the dental clinic or traveling, you can find Dr. Shehadeh indulging in his other hobbies, such as attending car shows, restoring cars, or hitting the racetrack for some high-speed thrills. He believes that pursuing his passions outside of dentistry helps him maintain a healthy work-life balance and allows him to bring a fresh perspective to his dental practice. His unique approach to dentistry, along with his passion for all things automotive, has made him a prominent figure in the dental industry, and he continues to make a positive impact on his patients’ oral health while living life (safely) in the fast lane.

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